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    Wilf Aldridge (Thursday, 03 May 2018 00:26)

    Many congratulations on this excellent website about `Parkway`. I was very privileged in being allowed to contribute several articles to this very interesting and informative `Kure` newsletter. I still have all the copies from number 89 through to the final edition 150! Also, as a point of interest, through my notices in British local
    newspapers, magazines and TV, 819 British ex-servicemen provided their old photos, postcards and other memorabilia of Kure, Hiroshima amd Miyajima etc for copying in to the Kure City History Archive. A further 402 men also contacted me, but were not able to help with documentation. During one of the many wonderful `Parkway` parties that the editor and staff hosted for our annual return visits to Kure (1999 to 2014) the City Mayor told us that, thanks to us, Kure has the largest collection in Japan of immediate postwar local photographs etc!