Parkway, an English news letter published by volunteers in Kure, offered news in English for 30 years until its cessation of publication in 2014. The newsletter covered the stories from Kure and other cities in Japan and abroad.  Most of them were topic or people of the days, but there are general interest stories that we want to share with more people. This website is an archive of such stories. I hope the stories here will help you have a glimpse or rediscovery of Kure and Japan. And of course comments and new stories are welcome, which will expand this website. Thank you.




パークウェイはボランティアよって発行された英字新聞ですが2014の終刊まで30年間、英語ニュースを発信しました  新聞で、呉内外の街を扱ってきました。ほとんどは、その時の話題や人々を語る記事でしたが、もっと多くの人に知ってもらいたい記事もありましたこのサイト、そうした記事アーカイブです。 呉や日本の事を知ってもらったり、再発見してもらったりすると嬉しいです。もちろん、ご意見・ご感想、新たな話題も歓迎します。宜しくお願いします。




Postwar Kure  戦後の呉

Stories by  Ex-British servicemen posted in Kure from their point of view and related stories of the days after the Word War II. (31 stories in 17 titles) 



Kure before the War's End 終戦前の呉

Stories about historical places, events and people related with Kure before the end of the World War II. (15) 




Japan and the World 日本と世界

Stories about Japanese culture and Foreign culture. (32)




What is Parkway  パークウェイとは

Introduction of Parkway's history.




Views of Japan  日本の風景

Photos showing sceneries of Japan




To find out present Kure, visit Deep Kure 

現在の呉をご覧になるには Deep Kure にどうぞ


City of Kure

Ondo-no-Seto Bridge