Setting up a Communications Center                                              in Kure,  January 1946

           By George Thompson


After serving on a Nava1 Air Station in Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon), the war being over, I was sent to Japan with a Naval Party (NP 250) to set up a Communications Centre for what was to become the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF). We left Ceylon in December 1945 and arrived at the chosen destination, Kure, early   in January 1946. All was almost total  devastation.


Our first task was to find a suitable site for the Transmitting Station and eventually decided on a disused factory adjacent to which the Australian Royal Engineers had a storage area. We had taken with us diesel generators and telescopic aerial masts and the Australians kindly helped in   revisiting Hiroshima 

installing the generators on the ground floor and the mats                        after 60 years

on the flat roof of the building.               


Not far away was a tall chimney, probably about 150 ft. high and somewhat higher than the building itself. l had a bright idea! If we could somehow put a wire or rope strop round the

collar of the chimney and secure the other end to the factory roof, we could string aerials at intervals along the strop. Strangely, nobody thought this a crazy idea. And it worked!


     the factory and the chimney 

          peeping over it to the left 


Our Naval Party included Motor Mechanics to look after the generators, Electricians to install the wiring and switch/fuse boards  as well as Radio Mechanics to install the          transmitters and receivers. I think it was just about a week after arriving in Kure that we were able to transmit and receive messages


During this time we lived aboard HMS Glenearn, the ship in which we had traveled from Ceylon, but when the station became operational we had to man the transmitters day and night so we had to sleep on camp beds on the top floor of the factory, returning to HMS Glenearn for meals.



We had the opportunity to visit Hiroshima by Navy truck and will never forget the devastation caused by THE BOMB. I have a set of very emotive photographs of both Kure and Hiroshima and l congratulate the Japanese on the rebuilding of both cities.


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この間、私たちはセイロンから旅してきた船グレニームHMS に乗ったままでした。駅が稼働し始めると、昼夜、送信機に人を配置しなければいけなくなり、工場の最上階のキャンプベッドで眠り、食事のためグレーニムHMSに戻るという生活になりました。




 (写真) 60年ぶりの広島再訪