There stands a big clock tower in Irifuneyama Park. it is a five-meter-tall square column and has a dial plate on each face. It was made in 1917 and used to be located at the Kure Kaigun Kosho (Kure Naval Arsenal), where the famous battleship "Yamato" was built, in order to tell the time to the workers and the ships coming in and out of Kure Bay.


In 1945 it managed to survive the air raid but the works stopped. In 1971 it was moved to Irifuneyama Park and was deserted for several years. In 1981, supported by a group of enthusiastic people who began a drive to raise funds, the clock was restored to its original state with lots of effort from inside and outside of Kure and it started to work after thirty-six years' absence. A number of trials and errors which were made in the course of putting it back together revealed the fact that the clock is the oldest one of Japanese make and is equal to the American-made clock in Sapporo in value. It is designated one of the cultural assets of Kure City.


The clock had witnessed ups and downs of Kure for more than seventy years and it will tick away the new history of Kure from now on


Parkway Vol. 3 No.1 February 1989 


入船山公園には大きな塔時計がある。5メートルの正方形の柱で、各側面に文字盤がある。 1917年に作られたこの時計は、有名な戦艦「大和」が建てられた呉海軍工廠に設置され、呉湾に出入りする労働者や船舶に時間を伝えていた。 


1945年の空襲では生き残ったが、その務めは終わった。 1971年には入船山公園に移され、数年放置されたままだった。 1981年、保存に意欲的な人々が資金調達を始め、その支援により、呉内外から多くの尽力を得て、元の状態に復元された。36年間の空白の後、時計は再び動き始めたのである。元に戻す過程で試行錯誤が繰り返されたが、日本製の最も古い時計で、札幌のアメリカ製の時計と同じ価値があるという事実が明らかになた。呉市の文化財に指定されている。