A Doll with Blue Eyes

On May 13th in 1927, a doll with blue eyes arrived at Nigata Elementary School, which is the second oldest elementary school in Kure. Her name was Naomi.


A year before, the committee on World Friendship Among Children in New York heard of Japan's Hinamatsuri (the Doll's Festival). And they made a plan to send American dolls to Japan. 12,735 dolls were sent to elementary schools and kindergartens in Japan. They were all hand-made. The Kure area received 16 dolls. Naomi was one of them.


In 1941, war broke out between Japan and the United States. The poor American dolls! Some were thrown away, some were bunred, and some were torn to peices because they were sent by the enemy. Soon people forgot all about the American dolls and time went by.


In spring of 1961, lucky Naomi was found without any damage in a a\warehouse at Nigata Elementary School. At that time dolls with blue eyes turned up in one school after another. Out of 12,735 dolls, 214 survived the war. The other 15 dolls in the Kure area were not among them.


The photograph below shows the welcome party for the dolls, held at Gobancho Elementary School on May 22nd in 1927.


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1961年の春、仁方小学校の倉庫に傷一つない幸運なナオミが見つかった。その頃、青い目の人形があちこちの学校で見つかっていた。 12,735体のうち、214体が戦争で生き残った。呉地区の他の15体の人形は残っていない。