Kure before the War's End 終戦前の呉

Kure was an agricultural and fishing village, but did form a part of Japanese history. And when Kure Naval District Headquarters was established in 1889, Kure started to flourish as a naval port city. Many spots in Kure have stories behind and many people well known in Japan wrote an important page in the history of Kure.





     Ancient Boat Loaded with Romance and Adventure  ロマンと冒険を乗せた古代船

     Kiyomori Taira                                                      平清盛 

     The Kangensai Festival                                           管弦祭   

     Ino's Decuments appointed as NATIONAL TREASURES    伊能忠敬の文献、国宝に指定       

     Who Was George Tibbins?                      ジョージ・ティビンズとは? by Wilfred Aldridge

     Kushiyama Park                                                              串山公園   by Takehiko Orikawa

     The Clock Tower                        搭時計 

     A Doll with Blue Eyes                                                   青い目の人形 

     Sakuma and His Loyal Crew                                      佐久間艦長と忠実な乗組員

     Heihachiro Togo: Nelson of the East                          東郷平八郎:東洋のネルソン

     Noma Hachiro's Monument                                          野間八郎記念碑  

  Air Raid on Kure by B29 on 1st of July in 1945               呉空襲 by Shigeru Hamamoto




Folk Tales of Kure    呉の民話

   Otome Tsubaki                                                        乙女椿

 Crying-at-night Kannon-sama           夜泣き観音様

    Idemori-myojin                                                      井手守明神